Botteled life

Do you realize how many manufactured products you use on a daily bases?


No no no that was the wrong question, do you realize how many non-manufactured -original- products do you use on a daily bases? So unhealthily little! And here is why I think its wrong…

Every human need possible is exploited for businesses everywhere, actually you can never succeed in a business unless you satisfy a need -or more- for your customers. And don’t get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that concept. It is simply logical… Until it gets out of the norm and turns into a bizarre situation.

Having a certain need that was satisfied by producing a product is acceptable. But producing a product then creating its need is messed up!

I thought about that when I was about to purchase a hair product that cleans out the built-up after shampoos and other hair products…
It astonished me to realize that everything around me is a product made out of other products and is bottled in another product then shipped and sold using other products… that can go on and on!.

To some extent this is just natural revolution. It has its downside as well as its upside, one thing I count as an downside is the minimization of human skills. In the past there was this huge number of skills that have been passed by generation after generation and are no longer needed. A product or a technology has been invented to substituted that skill and made it unnecessary chore.

One other scary thing is how much we are relaying on all of these products. We can not live one day without them! Imagine living without toothpaste! Or a sponge or tissue!

This transformation has made us lose sense of life and stopped us from appreciating little achievements like planting food and eating the delicious hard work harvest instead of working on a dull job to buy mass produced food that is not that precious it can only provides so much less pleasure!


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